Garage door opener featured image

The Garage Door Opener is no longer a convenience. For most home owners, the garage door has become the main entrance to their home. The Liftmaster garage door opener manufacturer has recognized this and over the past few years has made substantial improvements to their product, by adding features to help to improve the way we use the garage door opener.

​LiftMaster has worked hard to make its product one of the safest garage door openers on the market today. Upgrades that have been made include:

  • The Protector System® safety sensors project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down.
  • ​Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object
  • Opener lights turns on automatically when The Protector System’s infrared beam is broke
  • ​​Security+® rolling code technology assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used​​​​​​​​​​
  • Patented PosiLock® system ensures the door remains securely locked when the garage door is closed
  • Manual release handle in case of power failure
  • Keypads for easy access from outside a closed garage door
  • Tamper proof; if someone was to attempt to pry up your garage door the opener will sense the attempt and lock down the door
  • There are other options such as the ability to  turn on light in or around the home from the safety of your car

​​So call allied today for your garage door opener needs. We carry a full line of LiftMaster garage door openers and accessories.