Power Outages and Garage Door Safety

If you’ve got a garage door at your home, chances are, you’ve got a garage door opener. This convenience is easy to get used to and rely on. Many families enter their house through the garage, so the garage door opener becomes even more important and essential. What happens when the power goes out? Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind to maintain your safety during a power outage when it comes to your garage door.

Things to Have on Hand During a Power Outage

Although you might rely on your garage door opener to gain access to your home, you should always have a house key to your front door as well. This is essential if you pull up to your garage door, and it doesn’t open because there is a power outage, or for any other reason. Have an alternative means of entry.

You also want to keep a flashlight by the door that connects your garage to your house. If you’ve got to go into the garage and try to fix stuff, you don’t want to do it in complete darkness. So, have a flashlight handy.

Learn How to Override the Opener and Manually Open the Door

Most garage door openers have a system that can be utilized in the event of a power outage. The best openers have a battery backup that kicks in when the power goes out. If you don’t have a battery backup on your garage door opener, then your best strategy is to learn how to operate the door manually before you experience a power outage, but if you don’t know how to do this, try the following:

• Find the rope with a handle on the end, coming down from your garage door opener
• This handle is usually red
• Pulling on this rope will put your garage door opener into manual mode
• Always make sure that your garage door is closed when you activate manual mode
• If your garage door is open when you activate the manual mode, it will come crashing down

How to Reattach and Reset Your Garage Door Opener When the Power Comes Back On

Your manual will let you know how to reattach your garage door to the opener after a power outage. If your door is not functioning correctly after a power outage, contact a garage door specialist, such as Allied Garage Door, and we’ll get you back on track!

Above all, safety first when moving your garage door from one mode to another. Keep the area free of people and pets while you are working on the garage door and the garage door opener. When you need help with your garage door, contact Allied Garage Door in Annapolis. We service the surrounding area and will repair your door safely and make sure your garage is secure.