Five Tips to Extend the Life of your Garage Door

Your garage door is a significant investment, and it is the part of your home that usually greets visitors first… a first impression or your home. After you’ve picked out the garage door that’s just right for you, be sure to take care of it. Here are some things you can do to extend the life of your garage door.

Take it Easy… Don’t Be Rough with Your Garage Door

Be sure to operate your garage door according to the manufacturer’s directions and teach anyone else that uses the door to follow the guidelines too. Being unnecessarily rough with the door, or the door opener may cause damage to one or the other. A well-cared-for door should last a long time. Do your best at keeping the door trouble-free and operating well.

Don’t Wait to Have Your Garage Door Serviced

If you suspect something is wrong with your garage door, call for service right away. If you hear a “funny noise” or see that it’s not working correctly, people tend to delay calling someone. The longer you wait when there’s a problem, the more costly the repair may be. Waiting usually makes the problem worse.
Keep Your Garage Door System Clean

Remember to inspect the door system’s tracks from time to time, to make sure that you don’t have and dirt, debris, or unwanted visitors moving in. The safety sensors in your garage are another area that you want to be sure and keep clean. These sensors are a potential trouble area if they are not kept in good working order. A little cleaning now and then can save you expensive repairs later, so do your best to stay on top of cleaning your system.

Clean and Lubricate All Metal Parts of Your Garage Door

Some parts on your garage door to focus on are hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks. These metal parts can use a good cleaning and light lubrication regularly to keep your door functioning well. Use a dry cloth or one dampened with lubricant to clean and lubricate at the same time. Be sure to clean up any drips.

Don’t Let Your Garage Door Get Out of Balance

You should check your garage door’s balance yearly to make sure you’re eliminating all safety risks, and preventing expensive repairs in the future. Call the folks at Allied Garage Door, and we will perform a balance test, as well as a thorough inspection to make sure all parts of your garage door are working correctly.

Call us for help with your garage door, and we’ll come to your house and do inspections, maintenance, and repairs as necessary.