Proper Maintenance of Your Garage Door

The average garage door lasts between fifteen and thirty years. That’s a big range. What makes the difference? Maintaining your garage door and all its parts may preserve and extend the life of your door. Let’s look at some of the problems that may develop and what you can do to maintain the hardware on your garage door.

Track Alignment

If your tracks are not in alignment, your garage door may come off the track. If this happens, your door will not open or close efficiently, if at all. If you suspect that this is the problem, call Allied Garage Door and we can come out and service your door… getting things back on track!

Cleaning and Lubricating Mechanical Hardware

Garage doors have mechanical parts, and just as you wouldn’t expect your vehicle to function if maintenance is ignored, you must maintain the parts of your garage door as well. Springs, tracks, rollers, and hinges must all be cleaned, free of debris or dust, and adequately lubricated if you expect them to keep performing well.

Don’t Neglect the Weatherstripping

It’s easy to forget about the vital job that weatherstripping does around your garage door. Weatherstripping is the first line of defense when it comes to preventing debris, dust, and moisture from coming into the garage during periods when the door is closed. The material that the weatherstripping is made of may grow brittle and crack over time, leaving your garage exposed to unwanted moisture and other problems. It must be cleaned and lubricated to prolong its life.

Is Your Door Unbalanced?

You can tell if your door is unbalanced when you notice it closing faster than it should. It’s easy to shrug this off, but there are two significant points to consider. First, it’s a real safety risk if your door is closing too fast, and someone’s liable to get hurt. Second, your door’s mechanical parts are also susceptible to increased strain, wear, and tear… which will cause them to need replacement sooner than you may have anticipated. Call Allied Garage Door and let us test your door balance to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Even if you feel that your door is functioning correctly, it’s essential to have a professional inspect it for potential problems and catch them before they become an emergency. We are the experts in sales and service for garage doors and can offer you a full inspection to ensure that everything’s working correctly and in good shape. Contact us today, and let’s make an appointment to inspect your garage door and it’s components.