Add Curb Appeal by Dressing Up Your Garage Door

For years, garage doors were boring. Let’s face it, they all looked like… garage doors. These days, they are an integral part of your exterior design, and as an upgrade, can really dress up your curb appeal. If you think about it, in most cases your garage door is “right up front.” It’s one of the first things you notice, or worse, don’t notice, about your home. Let’s look at some reasons why you might want to do a garage door makeover.

More Options Than Ever in Garage Doors

Today’s garage doors are as individual as their owners, and the homes they live in. You can choose a garage door that fits your retro style, or an ultra-modern look. They can give you a rustic wood-look finish, or the appeal of frosted glass. If you like to use your garage as an extended living space, you’ll want to get garage doors that are insulated against heat and cold.

Return on Investment for Garage Door Makeovers

You’ll probably be surprised to hear that a garage door makeover will not only jazz up the curb appeal, it’s also one of the best investments you can make when it comes to reclaiming your investment when you sell the house. In fact, you are likely to gain an average of 100 percent of your investment cost at resale. When you do your upgrade, be sure to choose the best quality doors you can afford. You’ll be thankful when you have your new, updated curb appeal.

Designing Your Garage Door Upgrade

Creating visual interest is the name of the game when it comes to designing your new garage door upgrade. You might decide to go with a traditional look, a modern accent, or anything in between. Making this decision will be a good starting point… and the rest is in the details.
Do you want cross beams that make your garage door resemble a barn door? Do you want windows, or prefer not to have them? You can use either horizontal or vertical lines and patterns. Do you like the look of “carriage house” doors?

What type of materials are you considering? Do you want to stick with fiberglass or aluminum? What about wood and steel? What will the hardware features be? Make your garage door the focal point of your exterior design, especially if you can see it from the street.

What Color Should Your Garage Door Be?

People go back and forth on this. Some folks think there are “rules” about the color of your garage door. Should it match the front door? Should it be a different color than the front door? The bottom line is… it should complement the other colors in your home’s exterior, and it should please you!

The only caveat here is that if your garage takes up most of the front of your home, avoid painting it a bright primary or neon style color. Choose your color from a natural, earth-tone palette.

Garage Doors – Accessories are Important!

Adding the finishing touches to your garage door makeover will be fun! Choose exterior lighting that highlights the makeover and shines a light on your gorgeous door! You might even want to invest in ground lights that shine on your door from the driveway.

Consider carrying the theme of your garage door over to your front door entryway. Having a consistent color and theme can really help things look “put together” and increase that curb appeal!

You can count on Allied Garage Door to help you plan your garage door makeover! Let’s get started! Call us today!