4 Tips to Improve the Security of Your Garage During the Holidays

This time of year, it seems that there are more break-ins reported, and your garage door is one of the top five ways the bad guys gain access to your home. It’s also the time of year when we may store more decorations or gifts in our garages. So… more to lose, more chance of a break-in. Let’s take a look at some ways we can make your garage more secure this holiday season.

Secure Your Garage Door Opener

Consider keeping your garage door opener in your house and taking it in and out with your keys. Maybe you can attach it to your key chain. If you keep it in the car, anyone that breaks into your vehicle has access to your garage. If you feel you must keep it in your car, put in in the glove box and out of plain sight.

Are Your Garage Doors Made From the Right Material?

Hardwood or metal doors assure security, as long as they are not falling apart or damaged in any way. If your doors are showing wear or damage, contact Allied Garage Doors to learn about new, secure materials in garage doors. Your investment in high-quality doors will give you increased security, especially over time.

Have Your Garage Doors Serviced Regularly

It’s so easy for burglars to get into your garage if your bolts and hinges are worn and rusty. Whether you’re trying to keep intruders from entering your home or wanting to secure the contents of your garage, having your garage doors inspected and serviced regularly is a good practice, both in terms of function and security.

Install a “Smart” Security System on Your Home and Garage

Installing a security system that you can control from your smartphone is one of the best ways to ensure security from thieves and other bad actors that may try to breach your garage. Keep tabs on the garage door through your smartphone and get an alert at the sign of any trouble.

Take proper precautions and make appropriate decisions where your garage door security is concerned. Keep your home, and it’s contents safe and secure. Call Allied Garage Door if we can help!