Is Your Garage Ready for Cold Weather?

Find out now. Don’t wait until it’s freezing cold outside… and in the garage! Cold weather is coming. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dipping, and sweater weather is upon us! Learn how to inspect your garage now, ahead of winter weather.

Get a New Garage Door Installed

Most of the heat in your garage is lost through the door. That makes sense, being that it’s the biggest opening in the garage. If now is not the right time to buy a new garage door, there are other things you can do to improve the draftiness of your old door. First thing… have a professional inspection done to find out what you should do to make sure you stay cozy and warm!

The Role of Weather Stripping and Insulation in Your Garage

You can have a professional install weather stripping and insulation if either one fails the cold air test. Hold your hand in front of doors and windows. Can you feel cold air? If so, the weather stripping needs to be replaced. Installing or improving insulation in the garage goes a long way to keep cold air out and heat in. These two fixes might solve your problem.

Do you Want to Create a “Four Season” Garage?

You might want to consider installing a heating/cooling unit to control the temperature better in your garage. Imagine being able to work in the garage all-year-round. You could anticipate lower energy bills, as your garage stops pulling heat or air conditioning from your house. Even if you’re a DIY person, hire a professional to install this unit to ensure that it’s properly sealed and insulated.

Call Allied Garage Doors to Help Prepare Your Garage for Cold Weather

One of our professionals can come out and help you get ready for winter before it’s upon us. Let us help you convert your garage into useable space year-round! Let Allied Garage Doors show you how this investment pays off big. Call Us Today!